About Alan’s Book Reviews

We as human beings have a few fundamental psychological components that we need and are built on. Self interest, the search for pleasurable emotions, and the avoidance of painful ones are a few components that influence our behavior and thinking.

Other components that influence our thinking are experiences and the connections that we make between them. That is why books are so beneficial.

I, Alan, would like to contribute to the world (-wide-web) of my reading experiences, reviews of books, and the connections that I make between them and the world within.

Here I will strive to make the “connection” with you and share my very own “experiences” to add to your own, and ultimately contribute to humanity. Well, that sounds pretty deep and sounds like a mission for perhaps the President or something. But, I just want to share with you my views and reviews of the books that I’ve read.

So come here for a unique book review blog from me Alan!

I’ll see you soon here at Alan’s World!