Buffett’s Books: How To Invest Like Warren Buffett

Buffett's Books: How To Invest Like Warren Buffett

The Ultimate Warren Buffett Investing Resource

We’ll take a break from book reviews per se, and review a great resource that I’ve come across to learn about Buffett-style value investing. It’s a great resource because it simplifies and illustrates Warren Buffett’s investing style to make it very easy to understand.

Preston Pysh, along with Stig Broderson, who are creators and podcasters of “The Investor’s Podcast” created a 3-course mini-series called “Buffett Books”. Their podcast is also great and supplemental to investing because they also do studies on other billionaires and successful people. I just listen┬áto them while working at my part-time carpet cleaning Oahu service job.

Anyway, the Buffett Books mini-series teaches you how to invest in stocks just like Warren Buffett. What Preston and Stig did was create video courses explaining the basics of how Warren Buffett invests and his investment mentality. Each subsequent course goes more into detail about Buffett’s value investing methods in their intermediate and advanced courses. Read more